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  1. I really started fishing them regularly the first pandemic season (2020). Prior to that, I had only occasionally used them with middling success. 2020 was literally the best fishing season I've ever had. I caught 13 bass over 20 inches in length that season (both largies and smallmouth). My average is about 2 or 3 that size/season. A chatterbait played a big role in that amazing season. It has not been nearly as effective since, but it still works at times. Last October before the season ended I was on fire, but it was mostly with a spinnerbait. The very last trip the water had cooled a few degrees, and the fish were swiping at the spinnerbait and missing, so I switched to a chatterbait and used a slower retrieve. It was exactly what was needed to finish the season on a high note in 2022. Unfortunately, pike love these things. Mine get absolutely shredded when the pike are on the warpath. I keep a lot of extra plastic trailers and skirts handy lol.
  2. Sounds like another potential record breaker is on tap here. I feel like you could make one pack of TRDs last the rest of your life.
  3. At the moment I could probably go 2 full seasons. If you had asked me that when the pandemic started, my answer would have been very different because I didn't have the stock pile I have now. I bet @NorthernBasser could go a decade or more lol. He's got an entire SHED of tackle.
  4. Some of the habitat I fish a chatterbait in would never work with a jerk bait or crank bait. Its just way too weedy for treble hooks. If you are fishing a CB in the same type of habitat as you are with those treble hooked lures, its too open IMO. Also, if you are catching fish with cranks or jerks, just keep using them. If it aint broke, don't fix it.
  5. Might want to make sure that kayak is bolted down before you return to MN this time around, otherwise that sucker may end up in Cuba during hurricane season!
  6. I heard that @Glenn and his moderator @TnRiver46 are buying all the bass resource members in attendance a nice steak dinner. Awaiting confirmation.
  7. Zman makes a chatterbait called the Stealthblade. Its a smaller, polycarbonate blade. I have one but I didn't care for it because I could barely feel the vibration of it. Maybe this is something for you to try. Or as @Functional stated, the smaller version called the Mini Max might be effective too.
  8. While I do agree, tuna and cod are generally targeted for harvest. Commercially too, if I'm not mistaken. Bass are generally not targeted for harvest, and they certainly aren't commercially harvested, thank goodness.
  9. I've made my picks for the Classic which starts tomorrow.
  10. Haha. Not as many as there used to be though. I'm not familiar with Mr Cousteau lol
  11. Its possible that the combination of clear water and pressure have reduced bites with it. Like many lures, when the fish see it a lot, they often become conditioned to it and getting them to bite becomes more difficult. Clear water can often compound this problem. I've experienced this problem first hand with topwater lures over the last several years. Its like pulling teeth getting a fish to bite a topwater lure now. In the area I fish, I think spinnerbaits have made a come back because a lot of people switched over to a chatterbait instead. I use both. But I will say that they generally produce better in stained or murky water because they tend to give off some vibration.
  12. There is a small, shallow river that I float in a jon boat during midummser for smallmouth. It is a very basic aluminum jon boat that I also use for waterfowl hunting. It has no electronics. We have to carry it down to a canoe launch and then back to the truck at the finish point, so weight is a factor at least for a little bit. Electronics really would not be helpful for me in this river. Many areas are just inches deep. Some years its too shallow and I can't fish this river. 2021 being the most recent because of drought. I can see all the structure with my eyes, other than a few deeper holes. We just float with the current from point A to point B and steer with paddles to avoid obstacles along the way. I will admit that in some cases where marine electronics may not be practical or necessary, I have a hand held GPS that I can use. I have generally fished the same section of this river for about 20 years so I know what everything looks like now, but initially a hand held GPS was very helpful in marking certain locations (such as deeper holes). When I am in my bass boat, electronics play a vital role not only in determining location, water temp, etc, but its also a basic safety thing for me. Throttling down with an outboard without knowing its deep enough is an accident waiting to happen.
  13. Something to keep in mind with this is that they are also clearly defined and measurable quantities. There are detailed, historical records of both these and they are easily measurable. Many other factors that could affect this may not be as easily tracked or measured. The peak deer rut every fall occurs because of the amount of daylight. However, local conditions can alter it and one of those factors is temperature. Warm day time temperatures keeps rutting activity lower during the day, and more at night. Colder temps increase daytime movement. A big storm beds them down for a period of time, and when it passes, they are on the move. Gusty, strong winds put them on edge. These are factors that aren't necessarily measured every season but they are factors that I have experienced when I'm hunting, and they affect the timing and length of the deer rut. In my specific case here in MN, I can't legally target a bass until the middle of May, so any other factor is secondary. Its not really a seasonal factor that affects when the spawning period is, its a legal boundary I have to abide by.
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