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On 3/25/2024 at 10:39 AM, Logan S said:

Every year my club does an informal tournament on Black Hill before the season starts....We did it in the cold, windy, rain on Saturday... Fishing wasn't too bad, we managed a small limit, only 1 decent 3lber.  We all got hammered by the winners who lapped the field with a very impressive 21 lb limit 😮 




Plan on hitting that place in the next month now that I finally was able to renew my boat registration.



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Warning: Long Post. TL;DR: Work has kept me off the water, and BOAT = break out another thousand, it's true. One good fishing day makes it all worth it.


This spring has been awful for fishing for me, mostly due to work. I missed the shad run, even through it started in March and went through May. I usually get out to Fletcher's and Occoquan at least once, but I couldn't make it happen. I also missed the crappie spawn, which I regret the most because that type of fishing makes my 84 year old dad the happiest. I got out to Little Seneca Lake for a quick Sunday trip a month ago and did well there with a mix of spawning/post spawn bass. Then I tried to get out there again for some top water action and my Ultrex brushes burned out because I switched to lithium, and didn't know Minnkota advises to not run at speed 10 for extended periods of time because of the high amperage and their brushed models weren't designed to dissipate the heat quick enough. So I upgraded to the Ultrex Quest to take care of that, but had to find the time to install it. I finally go out on a real fishing trip this week and went to my tried and true spot, Mattawoman. I got there at sunrise and it was nice and foggy. I thought the pads would be where it was at and went way up the creek to look for clear water in the pads. I got there and got a nice 2lber in the first few casts and thought I was going to crush it in the pads, but I only managed one small dink the next 5 hours. The water was ultraclear, but there was just no baitfish in there. It was about 11AM and midway through the outgoing tide and decided to go back home. It was getting hot, and the clouds were gone, it was blue bird skies. On my way back I noticed some baitfish getting pushed up a small creek with a strong outflow, so I went to check it out. Bait was getting pushed all over the spotty hydrilla. The one lure I didn't throw all day was a popper, and I always love throwing one, so against conventional wisdom, I threw a silver Rico in blue bird skies. And that's what they wanted, I was catching LMB on every other cast, sometimes just deadsticking it and letting it drift. I lost several fish because they would hit it as soon as it hit the water and I couldn't reel up the slack quick enough. It slowed down to about 1 fish every 10 casts around 12:45P and I decided to leave to beat traffic on VA's 495 side. On my way out I could see wolfpacks of 2-3lbers cruising the edge of channel, and saw some snakeheads circling in and out of the hydrilla, chasing baitfish. I've never seen so many good sized LMB just cruising like that.





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