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    I started kayak angling in April 2010 in a SOT (Sit On Top) purchased from Appomattox River Company. I have always been a freshwater angler primarily targeting Largemouth Bass. Since that time, I have ventured out into the saltwater more and more and have enjoyed my days chasing Speckled Trout, Summer Flounder, Striped Bass and hope to eventually catch a bull red, some Spades, Tautog and Sheepsheads. I look forward to seeing you on the water in the future!

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  1. Thanks! Yeah the new house is slowly coming along, while still working on the current house getting it ready to put on the market.
  2. One more item as it relates to Craigslist - this is the perfect time of the year to snag a deal on a kayak from someone who did the same thing you are trying to do. They bought one for themselves or a family member that wanted to try it out, but now it's the end of the year, they didn't use it or didn't like it, and the kayak is just taking up space in the garage or shed.
  3. Sorry I've been AFK for a bit - several things on my plate of late. Our house got hit fairly hard last year with several severe storms and resulted in several repairs to be done. Afterwards, we decided that our house wasn't big enough anymore, so this year has been the year of home projects in preparation for sale while our new home is being built. I hope to get back on the water once we move and my fishing gear is neatly organized and stored in my new garage!!!
  4. If you are thinking of camping, you need to practice packing your kayak on dry land several times and take into consideration points of access, portage, freshwater storage (most significant weight variable), etc. Most of your higher end kayaks have a load capacity of at least 350-400lbs. Some even more. For day trips or simple overnight trips, the key is to pack lightly as it relates to fishing gear (basically items you can fit in small stowable boxes or items that fit in their product bags). Also keep in mind that some outings may involve maneuvering your kayak through areas of low hanging or overhanging items (trees, bridges, etc) where your rods would need to be either stowed or lowered. Check out this summary of a tour Kayak Kevin did back in 2008 - granted it was for a lengthy trip but it gives you a feel for the amount of gear he packs as a veteran kayak tourer. Before every tour, Kevin spend times practicing how he will pack his kayak and do short paddles to test stability and handling. http://www.kayakkevin.com/chesapeakebaytour/vabaytour08.html
  5. For that amount of money, the most realistic option is used - check craigslist in your local market. You could find a cheap one from a big box store, but how the kayak is to be used may render those options as not very viable. If it's for fishing, you may need to bump your budget expectations a bit more.
  6. PowerTeam Lures 7" Finicky Tickler and even the 5" version for when they are finicky and tight lipped.
  7. For the smaller FCTs, I use a keel weighted hook I have custom made for me when the weedless approach is needed. For areas where weedless is not needed, I use the PTL FCT Jig heads that fit inside the tube. For the larger FCTs, I use a standard texas rig with a 5/0 hook and a sinker and a bobber stop - this is my flipping setup into heavy cover.
  8. I hate to be picky but it is pedaling not peddling ;P
  9. Don't forget to swing by the Appomattox River Company booth at the back as well and say hi. We'll have the latest and greatest models of fishing kayaks for you to check out. I'll be there working for Hobie and ARC. And 68Camaro, I'll have a few of my custom made rods on display you can check out.
  10. Two things - first, they're pedals, not peddles Second, it literally takes less than two seconds for me to remove my Mirage Drive and lay it at my feet if the vegetation gets too thick. Then I paddle just like a traditional kayak. Did it in my Pro Angler for three years and never had an issue. Currently do the same with my Outback, so while your thoughts and opinion have some validity for other drive systems, they are moot and not a real factor with the Hobie Mirage Drive System. Now, that doesn't mean that there won't be someone that tries to do it and gets fouled up and blames their drive, but I'm not that guy. Sometimes, you just have to use common sense. Just saying......
  11. One tip when securing the straps. To avoid wind hum and vibration of the straps while transporting, twist the straps across the hull and as you are securing them.
  12. The PA is an awesome fishing platform as long as you recognize and account for its physical weight and your ability to load and unload it. I've owned 2 and loved them both. I'm currently fishing out of a 2015 Outback and a Quest 13.
  13. Our own JFrancho on the forums can help you out. I know he has paddled a BG before.
  14. Yeah - I have a texas rig, jig-n-craw ready to roll. Not a huge fan of buzzbaits, but I do use a PTL Gator or Swinging Hammer rigged weightless and use them as a buzzbait instead. I also have a bladed jig at the ready as well.
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