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  1. The only family member I fished with growing up was my uncle, and he only fished walleyes. My interest in (and learning about) bass fishing came from TV and that continues today. - Bill Dance - Hank Parker - Denny Brauer - Mark Zona
  2. My guess is the article was probably AI generated and no one seems to proofread any more……
  3. LM PB (23”) - 7’ MHF black Carbonlite baitcaster w/ black Carbonlite reel. 15# fluoro. 1/2 ounce SK Structure jig and Rage Bug. SM PB (21 3/4”) - custom baitcaster made by @Delaware Valley Tackle 10# Sufix Advance mono. 3/16 ounce SK Bitsy Bug jig in Blue Craw with SK Baby Rage Craw trailer.
  4. When a leader knot thread pops up there are always some members who tie the FG knot at home but tie a different knot on the water. I always wonder why you’d use a leader knot you can’t tie on the water? My personal choice is the uni-to-uni. I use 10# braid and 8-12# fluoro. 3 wraps of the leader then adjust the number of wraps for the braid so both knots end up equal in size. I can tie on a new leader correctly while standing waist deep in the river in under 60 seconds.
  5. Welcome to Bass Resource! I am also in WV and fish the Upper Potomac. I’m in Falling Waters, I assume you live in the Eastern Panhandle somewhere?
  6. I was listening to the MTC show on the SiriusXM NFL station yesterday afternoon when I hear Jim Miller say “Next on the line we have Z-Train from Michigan wants to talk about the Chicago Bears.” Sure enough Mark Zona called in to talk about what my (our?) Beloved Bears should do with the 9th overall pick in next week’s draft. He also said he and his boys were driving down to fish St. Clair then they are attending the draft on Thursday night. No one in my house or family would care but I needed to share with someone!!!
  7. WV does seem to be all about trout, but strippers are very popular here in WV as well. Totally different kind of fishing though… 😁😁😁😁
  8. To help keep your focus you have to truly believe you are going to get bit on EVERY cast. Even after hours and hours and hundreds of casts with no bites.
  9. Walleyes get my attention from November through March.
  10. Welcome to Bass Resource! My name is also Steve. I also live in the Eastern Panhandle of WV (Falling Waters) and I also fish the Upper Potomac for smallmouth.
  11. Gimme a Strike King Rage Ned Cut R Worm in Moon Juice color.
  12. KVD’s rod and reel sponsor was Quantum, not Okuma. Scott Martin was sponsored by Okuma before he went to FAVORITE.
  13. Yes, there will be a Bass Pro Spring 2024 Master Catalog! My place of work just finished printing it two days ago and we are binding the catalogs now. Not sure when they are due to mail.
  14. WV Resident annual fishing license is valid from 1/1 - 12/31 regardless of date of purchase. Fishing License - $19 Conservation Stamp - $5 Electronic Issuance Fee (only if you purchase online) - $2 Total -$26 If fishing for trout you also need to purchase a trout stamp - $10 TOTAL total - $36
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