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    Jasper Texas
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    Between 8-9 lbs
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    Sam Rayburn, Toledo Bend 
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    I like to fish for all. I like camping, hikeing , and other outdoor stuff. Im really big in avation also. I play guitar and other various instruments. I'm a Christian.

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    Im a Eagle Scout and a brotherhood member in order of the arrow. I'm a member of the Jasper Evening Lions Club. I studied welding at Clearfield Job Corp and advance pipe welding at Earl C Climments Job Corp. I am in the Air Force.

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  1. Texas Pride

    Texas Pride

  2. I been fishing American Lake last couple of weeks and I guess the fish are still down deep from colder water. I'm hoping to day after the warm weather there coming into the shallows. But I guess I will have to rent a boat.
  3. Were are some good places around Joint Base Lewis McChord?
  4. I'm here for about month and don't know the area at all I'm looking for info on any good bank fishing spots around Charleston area primarily North Charleston area.
  5. When I turn 21 next February I'm getting the ppq m2 9mm with the 4 inch barrel I can't wait there very good guns
  6. I got a pair of $10 crossfire safety shades I can wear them out side all day fishing then go in and wear them while I grind metal and use them as a little help from flash burn when other people around me are welding. I wear them for everything including driving and if they get scratched or break or fall in the water they were only ten dollars I just get another pair. I don't get why you would pay $300 when you can pay $10.
  7. I just found out how bad it is down there I have freinds all down in the Sabine River area that's terrible my prayers go out to all affected
  8. I wish I could go I'm about a hour or so from Kentucky lake I've heard (really don't know) here in Morganfeild kuntucky but my truck is back in Texas about 15 minutes from Toledo Bend go figure. So I won't be able to go.
  9. That last post was me It logged me in through my Facebook. It's been awhile since I been on forgot how the login worked.
  10. I youtubed fliping and pitching then did alot of practice to get good at it i like to use at least a half oz jig when i do it now im trying to learn how to skip a jig a whole diffrent ball game
  11. I was doing it yesterday in the shallows caching them on a weightless texas rig but they were all to small to even keep
  12. I got a h2o rod the tip broke got it replaced free and first time i used it that one broke so i got a castaway rod instead and love it im never buying h2o rods again
  13. I will be fishing from the boat dock beside umpray pavillion tomorow what yall think i should use i know im useing a rayburn red craw rattle trap because me and a few others have been tearing them up on that thing
  14. What are the best replacment hooks for jerk baits and while im at it what are the best replacement for all trebel hooks
  15. For me its the yellow magic poppers them things are awsome
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