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  1. Your buddy is right. I’m still lucky to fish in private 400 acres lake. The past two-three years I see more and more ppl crappie fishing to keep. They keep everything big and small and often time over limit. Being in private lake we don’t have waders to check very often. I still remembered the day, the guy yell at me “is that a crappie” i released him as quick as possible but still the guy saw it. After that I see the whole family too often on spot. I stop fishing in day light just so that they don’t know or see where and when I pull the big ones, they will figure it out though. I also stop posting much in local forum or Facebook since quite a bit of ppl in community know me even call me Mr. Crappie 😅😅😅😅 Just to prolong these ppl, I lost ability to get a good picture of big slab in daylight and using all my casting gears. Now I don’t care if they keep bass but I will try as much as possible to preserve those big slab. I admit I do keep some each year but only 11-13” bigger and smaller get released no matter how much I want to eat them 😁😁😁😁.
  2. Bait monkey???? Sorry don’t know the guy. I only buy what I need or I think I need. Right now I have 4-5 boxes full of plastic and crank still in original boxes since I don’t have space for them in My 2 drawers. The micro crank box I got almost 2 years ago and still plenty of lures unopened in original package. Just yesterday got a package of new 2023 SLX DC XT in left hand because I need both right and left hand. What else do I need???? Let me consult with my old pal Mr. 🙊.
  3. Not a very successful night, only a few of mix 10-13” but caught biggest one so far. Probably 16-17” and not beat my PB @2.52lb but I’ll take it all day, happier than 4lb bass I caught a few back for sure. My old PB released of course.
  4. Yeah very interesting to see, Daiwa as of now have MSRP Procyon MQ @179 and ballistic MQ @229. New Tatula should have same internal and frame as Ballistic minus Magseal with old MSRP 199. The plus is newly designed Airdrive Zaion-V rotor which should make spin the handle super light and less inertia. Me on the other hand not interested in MQ design from daiwa, instead very much want infinity loop from Shimano. The new vanquish also come with this technology but price is still too high for me. I might have to pray and wait for new Stradic.
  5. Ok I bite, I will get your trash CQ BFS for 199 US DOLLARS 😂😂😂😂
  6. @ska4funI would buy your trash CQ51S for a whooping 200 US DOLLARS.
  7. Last time I tried to use this function, I got tangle quick. I use anti reverse switch only when vertical jigging or drifting when searching for crappie.
  8. From what I understand, again not own it just from what I follow Daiwa line up, the FC (finesse custom) model is equivalent to compact (C) of previous generation model like Luvias FC2500 is 5.5oz compare to LT2500 6.3oz. This might not be true with this Tatula though. I have Ballistic FW C2500 which use pretty much the same body as Tatula 2000 but even bigger diameter spool. We have to wait until Daiwa release Tatula for North America. Talking about this Tatula, the only good thing I see is Airdrive rotor with also Zaion V meterial. The Zaion rotor would make the reel even smoother and lower inertia. I would think MQ body even on 2000 size reel would be larger compare to old LT2000.
  9. My question is with this such thin diameter of 4lb FC, would it benefit much more when compare to same diameter mono/Copolymer?. Why do you need to go down to 4lb? what is advantages compare to 6lb mono/Copolymer? Lure movement or line shy bass? I mostly dropshot with #6 or sometimes #8 soft Copolymer weight from 1/8-3/16oz.
  10. Not bad this time, but only can stand out in the cold just hour or so. d**n SoCal dress code, short and boat shoe not gonna make it 😂😂😂😂. Caught about 10 or so lost about half, all in the 12-13” only one 10” biggest one was 14”. The only problem for me is to cast within 2-3’ radius on to a spot in the 5-10mph wind, beyond that no bite. Next time I might take pontoon out and anchor on top of it. Take a few home for my lovely wife.
  11. 🤫 🤫 🤫 🤫 🤫 🤫 🤫 🤫 🤫 🤫 those lew’s narcissistic gonna hear you. I used to be Shimano fanboys, Most of my reels were Shimanos from most 50e series, to conquest, bantam and SLX with just a few Daiwas. I separated those Shimano as casting machines and Daiwa as smooth operation machines. The time went by and I’m getting older, I become to prefer more of smoothness than casting power. The only Shimanos I have left are these. I only plan to buy just one Shimano this year SLX DC XT (left) and if my wife allow 2023 Conquest BFS (left)
  12. I believe Daiwa introduced Tatula LT to North America market since Icast 2017 perfect timing to upgrade to complete with Vanford. I don’t see why Daiwa would price Tatula more than Vanford. Procyon MQ which is a class lower and usually use Zinc gear but same frame material Zion V and price at 179 MSRP. I expect Tatula would use same AL main gear as previous model.
  13. Here is JDM specs. https://www.daiwa.com/jp/fishing/item/reel/spin_rl/tatula/index.html
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