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    Minn-ND border  and  Iloilo city, Philippines
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    detroit lakes, MN. lake Ashtabula, North Dakota. Dams are my go to.

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  1. well i was driving behind a van today that reeked of weed smoke.
  2. yes, i was thinking east LA for some reason, to much cheech and chong.
  3. I actually live in Fargo ND, which borders Moorhead MN and i do all my panfishing in Detroit Lakes MN which according to this map i am considered to be fishing in central mn. I am really fishing in west central. I dont know how official this map is so it may vary between maps.
  4. I am not a squid guy, when i lived in san francisco i was introduced to squid at a top end restaurant and i was dipping it into a red sauce and it was good untill later in the year i tried it again at a few different eateries and it was like chewing rubber bands. I then got grossed out on it and stopped eating it and started eating escargo aka snails which i loved, NOT, just joking about the snails.
  5. Nothing wrong with your hat. Thanks, we could have kept 40 fish but i was unsure of the wording of the regs. I have in the past 2 days ate 15 blugills thats 30 filets, not huge filets but makes for a great dinner with salad and such.
  6. Wife constructed a cage to put her fish in to dry in the sun, she marinates it in vinager, put lots of spices like garlic, ginger, chili powder and onion salt on the fish and leaves it out in direct sun for 2 days, then fries it in oil and eats it with a bowl of rice.
  7. Looking at minn regs, how do i interpet the possesion limit of bluegills, sunnys, regs say 20 in possesion, does that mean 20 per licensed angler?
  8. I myself was surprised on how ferocious the bluegill were biting this day, best day ever for us when it comes to bluegills, we tried minnows but not one bluegill was caught on a minnow, it was all about the wax worms. I hope the gills stick around for a few more weeks, the crappie bite was terrible as we usually get our limit on them but only caught 3 this day.
  9. I enjoy fishing in the rain, i am of course fishing from a bank with rain gear on, when it pours i keep fishing or walk around untill it mellows out. For me it adds another element and makes fishing a challenge, yeah i get cold like this spring when it rained i didnt wear enough under my rain jacket to keep me warm and my feet got soaked but i toughed it out which to me makes me feel like Baer Grills.
  10. Wife and I caught these 20 bluegill in 2 hrs at our favorite lake bank in minn. We caught so many more but tossed the small ones back in. No bass were biting which is unusual for this place and i am not sure why. I used a tiny ice fishing jig and i bought some live wax worms 36 per container for $2.99 at fleetfarm. What i did because the wax worms are like jello and after 1 fish they are sucked off or stolen off the hook under the bobber is i thread the hook through the length of the worm and then i take a small tube and cut 3/4 off, put the tube on which jams up against the worm making it much harder for the worm to be sucked off. In the picture that little amount of worm left on after several fish is all it takes to get the fish to bite, the tube alone when used as a whole didnt do squat but the wax worm was the deal.
  11. New york city is implementing a surcharge to drive in the city during certain times of the day, is seattle doing this or any other states?
  12. The last bass i ate in 2021 changed my bass fishing fever to this day. While eating the bass i couldnt stop thinking about how i wasnt fond of eating bass and kept visualizing all the bass i caught and considered them a sporting fish, catch and release and not a fish that i want to eat. So we stopped eating bass and turned ourselves into walleye and panfish anglers. We still catch bass while we use real minnows for the walleye and i enjoy catching the bigger bass but the days of targeting only bass are over.
  13. 0.0, i use what i got and i catch a variety of fish from the bank at river dams and lake shores, i get extremely lucky with big unusual catches when i sit in my chair and have no care just glad to be breathing gods clean fresh air.
  14. Yep, no ar switch which i use quite often during fishing, i have to find a good brand with ar switch other than my favorite pfluegers if ever in need of a new reel.
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