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    Between 4-5 lbs
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    Largemouth & Smallmouth
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    Largemouth: Alimagnet Lake and O'Dowd Lake, MN
    Smallmouth: Boundary Waters
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    Kayaking, Camping, Hiking, Ice Fishing, Baseball

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    I am a kayak fisherman, and I also enjoy ice fishing. I'll fish for anything game fish but bass are my favorite. My other hobbies are baseball and camping

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  1. 10/10 Zach Bryan is my #1 guy right now and has been for a couple years now
  2. I like a shakey head in the rocks
  3. Strike King barely beats out Z-Man, Zoom, Outkast, and Dirty Jigs
  4. The test said that I had the reaction time of a 52 yr old and I'm only 18! ?
  5. Thanks for the link, I probably will not be keeping any fish but it's good to know the regs regardless
  6. Would I have to buy a license for each state? Where can I find the rules regarding fishing a river like the Menominee? Thanks for the advice
  7. Hey guys, I'm planning a camping trip for the beginning of August to the Upper peninsula, preferably a remote area with at least semi-secluded campsites. While it not being my top priority, I would like to do a little bit of bass fishing. I won't have my kayak, and shore fishing isn't super fun in August, so I'm trying to research good UP smallie streams that I could wade. Do you guys have any good areas to start looking in? I found a pretty decent spot on the Menominee river along the WI border. Heard there's good fishing there. Thanks in advance
  8. I've never used a ribbon tail worm up here in MN longer than 7 inches, but I don't see why a 10-12 incher wouldn't work. I have just never really thought of trying it
  9. Thank you veterans for your many sacrifices for our country. Let us not forget those who have fallen in service for our country.
  10. Got out for an hour this morning, same lake as Sunday's trip, and shore fishing again. Got 5 in an hour, which is pretty dang good for me. All on the weightless senko again. Two biggest were 14" and 15", respectively picture below. Water is still pretty cold, I'm pretty sure we're still in pre-spawn and the really big girls will be coming into bedding areas soon. I'm itching very badly to get my kayak out!! Saturday mid-morning after work should be fine, the wind is supposed to die down that day. I'll have to pick out a less popular location to avoid the pressure, probably will try a 10 acre pond nearby.
  11. Pleasure boaters, jet skiers, high winds, and overcrowded fishing spots
  12. @gimruis If you are looking for a new rod in the same price range (I think you said the broken rod was $75) I would highly recommend the Fenwick eagle rods. I've been very happy with how my 6'6" medium has performed so far. They have 6'6" and 7' lengths all in stock at TW right now. As for your situation, I'd just buy a new rod. Same thing happened to me in the boundary waters and I ended up just buying a new rod because the old one became a lot stiffer after I fixed it. That's when I bought the Eagle.
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