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    South central pa
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    Between 5-6 lbs
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    Stonewall Jackson - musky
    Susky - smallies
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    Sitting around a campfire crushing some cans. Guns, just general tinkering of things.

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    I am a welder by trade. I was a diehard musky fisherman. Still enjoy it from time to time. Now I am mainly fishing for bronzebacks.

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Community Answers

  1. 10lb braid for most things 17-20 for T rigged stuff. I just switched up to 8lb fluorocarbon for drop shot. I do not know how I will like it though.
  2. This was kind of my thought. A bushing is more for wear, shock absorption and taking of space where a bearing is to make something spin freely. Which is what you would want. I also figured the metal of the bearing would give you more feel as it’s two hard contacts.
  3. Has anyone done this to their reels? Do you feel a significant different? Or is it just a gimmick? I am thinking about putting them on my ultegras.
  4. I do not drink coffee. I never liked the taste of it black. Adding flavorings and sugar to it seems to me to defeat really liking coffee itself. It’s like needing to put fruit in your beer. If you need to do that to drink it you aren’t drinking the right beer. I do like them but try not to drink them every day. I try to keep it at 2-3 a week.
  5. I use braid to leader for just about everything. It’s what I feel most comfortable using. I do not like the disconnection with other line types.
  6. On the river I will stay at a spot awhile. then when it dies out for me I will move to a different area and let the one I was at “reset”. I’ll head back to it and most times pull a few more off that area.
  7. Watch out decking it. It may become very tippy when all the weight is above the gunwales.
  8. I’ll be sure to keep my life jacket on while doing it then. That way when I fall in cause I’m asleep I’ll be ok.
  9. Not so much a bait but I really want to get proficient at drop shotting
  10. I use sniper but I really hate us using anything except braid.
  11. 10-17 braid with a fluorocarbon leader.
  12. I have 2 150s and they are silky smooth great casting reels
  13. Well domestic shipping has sucked and I’ve experienced the same. Also had the package goes back and forth to different hubs about 2 miles from my house. just ordered a JDM reel shipped Tuesday here today. It blows my mind.
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