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  1. skip the walleye. Ive only seen them caught near the art museum in philly. Glassboro has tons of small bank fishing ponds.
  2. Me and my buddy sneak into it at night and fish the shallows. Can produce biggins but I dont know about 8 lbs. Last time I went the cops stopped us and my friend got arrested from an old warrant. Fun times.
  3. had my slayer 10 for about 5 years now. The reason why besides the awesome pedal drive is how easy it is to car top it. I fish standing on it over 50% of the time. My only complaint is when I saw a Hobie that had steering on both sides. The slayer and most kayaks have rudder steering on the left. When fishing a right handed bait caster it can disrupt the flow of smooth repetitive casting while on the move. If the hobie pro angler was a touch lighter id be all over it but for now I have no reason to replace my beloved slayer 10.
  4. May I suggest patronizing the company that created the original and the bait Berkley straight up ripped off. https://thehookuptackle.com/products/gill-flat-jr
  5. Its like driving and barreling into a corner and fishtailing it out. Its not the way you intended to get it around the corner and when the back slides and youre powering it out youre pooping your pants while its happening, its one d**n thrilling ride.
  6. Its an open hooked bait and its not really meant to be thrown in heavy cover. What did you expect to happen once it was snagged on to something? I use the Jack Hammer while on my kayak but never bank fishing. Theres a few chatterbaits that have weed guards. Theres the project Z and the crosseyez that ive used and both do their jobs for the most part.
  7. Not only is that a skunk its the worst kind. The kind of skunk where nothing bites you can always say they werent biting but when they are biting but you couldnt seal the deal is the worst. The people here that say otherwise are the kind of people who give kids who come in last a participation trophy.
  8. Sweet I got the XL romeo myself.
  9. Hey I know that spot! If you ever see an orange native slayer 10 not catching fish there say hi.
  10. edited cos i thought i found it but didnt.
  11. The older Zillion sv's are going to be on sale soon and might be close to the price of the tatula sv. Might want to look into that.
  12. Anytime I hear someone mention any type of information with the words Facebook attached to it I automatically dismiss it and then never take that person seriously afterwards.
  13. I also ordered the Zillion sv after balking at getting one in the spring when they first came out because of the price. For 20% off I decided to try it. Never spent over $120 on a reel before so kinda nervous about it but from what ive read its a really good reel. I chose this over getting the Metanium and a Curado 150.
  14. Ive heard the Lucky Craft LV LVO has a shimmy on the fall. never tried but saw a Takahiro video of him talking about it.
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