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  1. I’ve got 6 pairs if not a couple more. I’ve sent in a couple for warranty, and have a couple more ready to send in. I won’t wear any other socks. While you guys are looking check out exoffico underwear. I’m a fan of boxers but always had issues with rolling pinching binding and other unspeakable things that happens when you get hot and sweaty. They will stay where you want them.
  2. Hello my fellow Hoosiers! It’s been awhile, haven’t fished more than a handful of times the last few years, work, kids, other obligations. Took my son out a couple weeks ago and he did ok, 12 small bluegill but it kept him entertained, I only managed a couple dinks. Hit up my local Facebook chatter and got access to a 5 acre pond. We got out a little later than I’d like today but I didn’t want to inconvenience the property owner, still managed a 1 1/2 pounder on a frog, a few smaller on a senco, and my last cast I nabbed a 2.60. Not bad for the high pressure conditions, my son only managed 2 bluegill and one garter snake.
  3. I haven’t been on here for a long, long time. A few things put a damper on my fishing. Kids, my son would go with me but wasn’t really ready to fish, then in ‘19 we had a daughter that did a few weeks in the nicu, came home on oxygen and monitors, that slowed me down. I took up making knives in ‘21, and I really enjoyed it and as I got more into doing that it was what I did most weekends because I could do it at home and enjoy myself and still be close to the family. Got a new job last year that I really like but we work every Saturday. Now they’ve started a rotation, and my son is 10 now so he has been wanting to go. I’ve got to relearn how to cast a baitcaster 🤣
  4. We’ll just call them the reds. All teams will be named after a color. Colts will be the blues, eagles will be the greens, patriots will be the pinks...
  5. My app for my insurance discount gets a little “mom like” whenever you have a little fun, the first couple weeks after I got my truck I thought they were going to drop me!
  6. Definitely makes me question spending more than a few dollars on lures. $25 megabass jerkbaits, $16 whopper plopper... free block of wood from the scrap bin??‍♂️
  7. I’m throwing away all my tackle and making my own from now on! Be sure and check out this guys channel, he makes some really cool lures and swimbaits!
  8. I bought my truck just so I could go on the Internet and talk smack to Chevy owners! I didn’t feel right about doing it before when I was cruising in my ghetto wagon Pontiac vibe ?
  9. You might beat my ford off the line but your Chevy will break something before the finish line... ?
  10. I’ve got a kit from when they first came out. Me and dad took them out and he was just slaying the bass, I on the other hand, was not. I don’t remember using them much after that. I tried them again a couple years ago when I found them... nothing, but they definitely do swim away from you.
  11. That’s a heck of a rock to catch! I have yet to find any zebra mussels, I don’t think they’ve made it into the small waters I fish.
  12. I don’t know how you guys are catching rocks but I must need sharper hooks! ?
  13. Hand tool wood workers will pay good money for those Disston saws. You can still find good saws, but they’re either antiques or are several hundred dollars. All the contractors these days carry those ultra sharp saws that you throw away when they get dull.
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