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  1. Probably the transfer case(PTU). Ford engineers really messed up by putting it right beside the exhaust which ruins the gear oil in it causing failures. There is a video on YouTube showing how to drill,tap and add a drain plug to be able to service the unit to keep it from failing.
  2. I personally wouldn’t do it but don’t have an issue with anyone else doing it. As long as they are being legal and following their states laws and also has a valid fishing license.
  3. Welcome to Bass Resource!
  4. @Crow Horse I got around 5 yrs out of mine. I did cut off the rubber cover for a look see and found a strap running between two batteries had rusted into. It has never had water inside it, was always inside my kayak in a yak attack cell block. I also can’t complain considering what it cost. I did replace it with a Dakota Lithium that was around the same price but with a 10 yr warranty. Ironically I seen a post just this week on FB of a failed Dakota that was taken apart and was rusted pretty good on the inside so I guess time will tell.
  5. Welcome to Bass Resource!
  6. If I catch any fish at all I consider it not getting skunked.
  7. @Bazoo No,it’s the biggest reason Im on here. I haven’t fish much this year due to health reasons, hopefully the surgery Im having at the end of the month will give me smooth sailing afterwards.
  8. Well done! I think most, including myself, can only dream of catching that many bass in one day.
  9. Welcome to Bass Resource!
  10. My wife is pretty hard on brakes so when she wore down the stock pads on her new Wrangler I replaced them and the rotors with Powerstop. They have been great for almost three years now.
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