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  1. I'll add two I haven't seen yet: Clayton Schick Outdoors - does a good job editing / filming and explaining how and why he's fishing the spots that he does. EliasVFishing - mainly in-shore saltwater kayak stuff, something I've never done but would really like to try. Wild Fly productions - Artsy fly fishing stuff, but high production value. Lost Lakes - More artsy long form film stuff, more camping than fishing. But good and chill to have on in the background. I do like Greg Blanchard but man his fishing style gives me anxiety sometimes, especially when he cuts a bunch of his casts together. Like, slow down dude! A lot of the fishing youtubers are just too excitable and click-baity for me, though.
  2. Where's the setting on my livescope that apparently makes fish jump out of the hole? I haven't found it yet...
  3. I've gotta be in St. Cloud for work tomorrow, so I'll be checking out a few spots I usually launch from. Depending on the river flow and amount of ice on the shore I just may be getting the kayak out this weekend.
  4. Ya know, I never thought I'd be trying to decide whether to go ice fishing or get the kayak out in December..
  5. Yup was planning on heading up early Friday and getting one last trip in, but seeing more reports of ice so may just go searching for some fishable ice instead.
  6. Ugh I can't wait for some fishable ice. I can't believe next weekend is December and I'm thinking about getting the kayak on the river to chase some muskies..
  7. It all depends on the area. I love low and clear conditions and often have some of the best fishing on those days. On the topic of barometric pressure - I think river fish buck any trend that may be there. They're more opportunistic feeders and as long as they can eat, they will. I've had just as good fishing on bluebird clear days as I have on pattern changes.
  8. It seems like the last few years I've ended up focusing on a different area each season. Not even intentionally, but when I find a new area I tend to keep going back until I really figure it out.
  9. I got a 28" walleye while trolling shallow for smallmouth a few springs ago on Mille Lacs. I've also had a walleye blow up a choppo on the Mississippi, right next to the bank. It actually had a decent fight, was really surprised it wasn't a smallmouth when I got it to the kayak.
  10. The Bite has pockets in the side sized to hold 3600 boxes. My most used tackle goes in there. This is all loaded up for a weekend of camping on the river, so more stuff than I've been taking lately. I'd usually carry 5-6 3600 sized boxes, slimmed that down to 3. Goal for next year is to cut that down to just 1 box. The crates gonna stay, though. Need those rod holders for the fly rods.
  11. With the season winding down (up here at least) I figure it's a good time to check back. Of course, even though both my goals were length related I ended up leaving the bump board at home more often than not. So I'm not sure on the 21" mark. I ended up with multiple 17"+ on the fly, including some 20" fish. All in all, a pretty good year for me with plenty of decent sized smallmouth.
  12. Boring Boring Boring I've stopped bringing any spinning finesse tackle in favor of fly rods for river fishing.
  13. Spent some time on the Mississippi about 2 weeks ago. They had the feedbag on, already moving deeper but still willing to come up to the surface and eat. Ended up using my fly rods most of the time and caught some nice fish. Swinging a streamer through a current seam was almost a guaranteed eat. And that big one smashed I hopper I was drifting with my 4wt, that was a hell of a fight. Headed up again this weekend, we'll see how it goes after the rain and colder weather.
  14. Any examples you could provide? You must follow different meteorologists than I do, because I haven't seen anything like what you're claiming.
  15. Sounds like you don't understand how weather forecasting works. I suggest reading the forecast discussions from the NWS. Novak weather is a good follow on facebook if you use it, he does a good job of explaining what's going on. Read up on forecast modeling and the different systems in use, how and why they can disagree on things. Just stating 'meteorologists lie' is lazy and uninformed. Also incorrect, it's an old and worn out trope.
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