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Freedom of Information request seeks location of Algonquin Park fishing spot

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Someone is trying a novel method of finding a secret fishing spot.  


An Ontario fishing pro says a trophy brook trout fishing lake he documented in an Ontario Park may now be exposed due to a Freedom of Information request.  

Mike Borger and his son fished a small lake deep in the heart of Algonquin Park this spring, and he made a 40 minute video of their incredible trout fishing that was posted on Youtube.


Borger, who usually promotes fishing lodges and outpost camps on his website, did not name the lake.

But someone wanted to know where it was so badly they made a Freedom Of Information request to find out where he was fishing


"I'm going to give him credit, because it was an incredibly smart — underhanded and a little bit devious — but also very smart way to get this information.  If somebody has a copy of my interior camping permit, which shows which lakes I camped on each night, they can clearly and easily figure out which lake I caught these trophy fish in," Borger told CBC.


Borger initially received a five-page letter from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, detailing the situation and the request, he said. 

After voicing his concerns, the ministry told him they would not confirm or deny the existence of his record to the person pursuing it, he said.

But there is a process if the requester wants to appeal the decision, Borger said.


Borger first fished the lake around 15 years ago, he said, and did quite well.


"I kind of just have kept it in my back pocket.  I've been busy these last few years. I haven't had time for a trip of that substance, because frankly, it takes days to get in there and days to get out." 


He went back with his young son to see if it was still good, he said, and discovered it was. 

The video of the trip has garnered more response than anything else Borger has published, he said.


So far 127 people have messaged him privately asking for the location of the lake, and he has politely declined all requests, he added. 

"I haven't told anybody about this lake.  I wouldn't even tell my best friend about this lake," Borger said.


"It just goes to show you how popular brook trout fishing in Algonquin Park is and the lengths some people will apparently go to find your fishing spot," he added. 

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WHat????  CrAzY!!!!

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Like many online news pieces, there's gold in the comments....


-Point about complaining to the press about the FOIA makes a bit of sense...will just bring out more lazy nuts to try the same


-Just a touch of irony in wanting to be a social media/blogging/utubing darling, but then be outraged that someone takes issues with your not-so-secret secretiveness


-I'd like to think that FOIA rules that make public records public...will also be able to keep private records private

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This is exactly why you need to think things through before posting on the internet. The internet is written in ink people. 


I will admit that a person filing a FOIA request for a lake is unlikely(until now) but still it's possible for someone in the world to figure out where his lake is. Heck I saw someone on here post a random picture of a river bank if I remember right and someone else recognized it! 


People these days blow my mind with what they post on line. From inappropriate pictures that get them fired or divorced, to people commiting crimes that lead to their arrest and conviction. Then they use the excuse "I never thought it would get this much attention". What did you expect posting on the internet? 

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One reason why I just post where I am anyway - saves time and I'm here to share.  Being selfish with spots is unsportsmanlike.


Though filing an FOIA request is going way too far.

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