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Eastern PA Fishing Reports

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Had a pretty good day at blue marsh. Caught a 10-15lb flathead on a dt 6. Also snagged a carp .Can't believe they didn't snap my 12 lb line.

Continued with dt6 and caught 3 nice bass one was a smallie.......

All in the 2-3 lb mark.

They weren't really going after anything else. Thought the be all over the lipless but...nope! 

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Water temp was 58-60* at blue marsh. Caught about 7 decent bass. 2 over 3 lbs. One of the two could have been pushing 4lbs. Caught them on squarebill chatterbait and spinnerbait. Squarebill got most of the bites but the spinnerbait got the big one. Good day for only being out for 2 hrs.

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I was delinquent in reporting my outing on Nockamixon on May 6th.

Weather on the low 70s, bright sun.  Launched at 9:00 AM.

My main purpose was to shakedown the changes I made on the boat his year.

LiFePo batteries for trolling and electronics.  New wiring for electronics.

Garmin Echomap Ultra106sv on the stern and Garmin Striker 7sv on the bow.

Both sensors on new mounts.


I was out for three hours and 2 1/2 of that working out sonar settings, testing trolling motor, and getting a good run on the engine.


Only fished about 30 minutes.

Surface water was 60 deg with very little fish activity seen.

Most bait balls and larger fish spotted via sonar suspended about 15 - 20 feet down over deeper water.

I didn't have any strikes.

All in all I hadn't expected to fish much or have much success.  But I was happy with all the equipment changes.

I should get out several days next week as the weather looks to be great after rounds of chilly rain this week.




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Bite kinda subsided for me. Think spawn may be on. At least at blue marsh. Getting bites on buzzbaits and spinnerbaits in stained water. Thought the jig bite would still be on but not really

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