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New Sticky with Updated "Best Beginning/intermediate" advice?

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6 hours ago, Thembones said:

may find a deal!

Labor Day is right around the corner, there will be sales if you can wait. If not, there’s 15% off codes for Omnia floating around out there, they ship super fast. 

If you have a Dicks or Academy near you, you could go look and see if they have any SLX rods. I’ve heard both places had them for like 50% (or more) off because they just announced a new generation. 

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Follow up. I got a Daiwa Tatula 110HS on sale for $120 from bass pro shop
I did get a Berkley Lightning Medium 7' I wanted that reel since it was on sale 
I will probably start to look for another rod soonish
It birdnested like CRAZY on the first cast, I decided to just put it up and I am going to have a friend who I trust here help me.
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Watch Glenn’s video’s on bait casting reels.

What most spinning reel users try to do is whip cast like a spinning rod inlieu of letting the rod load up to launch the lure.

Baitcasting reels require the spool to start as the lure is launched by the rod and becomes a timing issue, too fast the rod speed the spool over runs and too slow the cast is short.

Practice makes perfect.


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On 8/24/2022 at 10:29 AM, Thembones said:


I had to google t-wing
this sounds good, like something I would want?

The T-Wing System of DAIWA solves an age old problem with baitcasting reel levelwind systems.

The "T" aperture allows line to flow freely through the wide top section on outcast, reducing the normally sharp angles, and friction that slow line flowing through a narrow aperture when exiting the reel.

For retrieve line drops in the narrow, lower channel of the "T-Wing" for even distribution across the spool width.


I got the Fuego CT and a Fenwick HMG rod for $200. Best combo I have.


I would not pay more for the Tatula I think the T-wing is a gimmick. "Solves an age old problem" that never existed.

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