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Painting a brand new trolling motor (white to black)

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I have a brand new Motorguide Xi3 salt water 36" kayak trolling motor with GPS Pinpoint, still in its box.  The salt water version is white, I'd prefer for it to be black (kayak is camo).


Any recommendations/warnings for paint type and/or prep?  Based on my research so far, it seems I ought to use an epoxy type paint?  I'm also not sure if I would need to sand parts (360 grit?) first or not?  Generally that seems to be a recommended first step, but I'm wondering if the current factory new finish would actually be OK for the new paint to adhere to, sort of like I'm just adding another coat or 2 of paint...



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What is the power head case made of ? If it’s plastic I would use paint made for plastic and follow the directions on the can.  Same for the shaft. Whatever it is made from use the appropriate paint and follow the directions 

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There’s no reason you can’t repaint it. Although the plastic parts; head, bottom cover, shaft collar etc, are impregnated color (formed with a white pigment) and should be painted with a “plastic friendly “ product such as Krylon Fusion
The metal parts, just spray with a product like Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy paint, several coats each and should be good to go.


In the prep on the metal parts I would start with a GREEN scothbrite pad then 220 grit if needed (doubtful). Remember, just a light smooth scuff of the factory finish is all that is needed, clean well with acetone and paint.  

The plastic I would just use a RED scothbrite pad (or green if needed) clean with a 80% water-20% isopropyl alcohol and a drop of dawn dish soap solution, drying throughly.

All your trying to do is create a textured surface, dulling the factory shine, for the new paint to adhere to so watch too aggressive sanding.


I’ve painted many similar exterior component products without any issues (but nothing submersible for extended time as a trolling motor would be). However after extended use at worse you'd have to touch up, no big deal.


Take your time, GOOD PREP IS IMPERATIVE and give plenty of drying time.

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