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Community Answers

  1. Tim and Matt actually talk about that model in their newest video. 35:00 mark.
  2. For us northern guys. Thankfully I have many lakes that are open now!
  3. They aren't made out of that elaztech plastic?
  4. I'm just hoping it's more weedless than the other two Sleepers.
  5. Despite being a fan of the Dark Sleeper and Sleeper Gill, I told myself I was gonna pass on this one. Without getting it in hand, it just didn't do anything for me. But Mr. Monkey said "I don't think so". I just ordered a few. Sadly the few red colors are out of stock. TW, Omnia and BaitWrx all have some in stock right now.
  6. You're right. It shows they have them in stock but you can't ad them to your cart.
  7. I believe TW has them in stock.
  8. Man I'm never gonna live that down. 😄 But yes, you're likely correct. And yet I keep on buying. SMH. Stopped at a ma and pa shop today to look for a rod for a bday present. I swore I wasn't getting anything for myself. I came out with a rod and 3 packs of the new ned Senko's in the Fire Craw color because I didn't think I had that color yet. $7/bag where as they're $4.50 right now at Omnia. But they were giving me a sad look and crying "please, please take us home". Anyways, I get home and come to find out I had 2 bags already that I had ordered at some point over the winter. It really is a sickness.
  9. Me too. Watching myself get bigger. Hey, it's been a long winter.
  10. Your art work on the Fluke didn't go unnoticed.
  11. Pay the $29 for premium and the $30 credit automatically shows up on your account/cart.
  12. Also the Jackall Archelon. In stained water, stick a worm rattle into the small hole/cavity, weighted Texas rig and hold on to your britches!
  13. They do use Keegan titanium guides. But yeah, I'm not sure they even mention it on their site.
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