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    It's only a Ned rig if it's from the Ned region of Missouri. Otherwise it's just sparkling finesse.

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  1. …and with that, the student becomes the master. Proud of you, buddy.
  2. That's awesome. I don't have any amps anymore - I just plug into a DI box and feed the signal to my laptop that way – but I love seeing stuff brought back to life.
  3. You know it's bad if the parts start talking back to you.
  4. Howdy. Brought this back to life yesterday. Last time it made any kind of sound was in the 90s, and even then it didn't do very well. Pulled all the electronics out, replaced everything but the pickups. Replaced the machineheads with these dope graphtech ratios. Still need to do some filing on the nut and handle intonation, but it's about ready to go. Set up for C standard.
  5. Still waiting on one item, but it's coming from a kind of boutique Lego kit builder that's absolutely swamped with orders. So that's kind of to be expected. Everything else came exactly when I was told to expect it. The only mishap we had was due to the dogs.
  6. I'm kind of a traditionalist with my floggers Never tried to use one to catch fish, though.
  7. @TnRiver46 You gonna git you some eggnog while you're there?
  8. I literally do not care what I catch. If I hook any kind of fish at all, that's a good day for me.
  9. Figure I got a record going, so I'm not about to try it now.
  10. That flute's still mixed better than the drums on St. Anger.
  11. The spicy one says "Let me love you…or else."
  12. Same. Both of ours are seriously food motivated, which makes training pretty easy. The little one loves water cookies; he'll shake you down for 'em if he catches you at the fridge. The big one isn't a fan, but is so scared she'll be left out that she takes one anyway.
  13. My dogs think anybody that works for free is a schmuck.
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