Mark Zona Interviews Glenn

Mark Zona is up to his antics again, and founder Glenn May is the victim! An HD Video.
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Mark Zona:  Okay, folks, Mark Zona with the Bassmaster Elite Series.  I'm here with the founder, the owner, of, Glenn.  I'm going to call you out right now.  You have talked to every angler and I partied last night.  I have done no homework.  I don't know what's going on on this lake.  I need your professional opinion of what's going to happen on Lay Lake the next three days.

Glenn:  It's going to be a tough, tough bite.  It really is.  The guys out there are really having a hard time getting even five fish.  I think the guys that are able to get a limit each day are going to be in the top 25 on Sunday.  I'm thinking 6-7 pounds a day is what's going to do it.  It's not going to be big limits being brought in if that.

Mark Zona:  You have that look where you, if you were in this event, I think you could probably win this thing.  Could you not?

Glenn:  Well, I would sure like a shot at it, you know?

Mark Zona:  Well, you and I have ran into each other during events, during tournaments.  I'm tired of you fishing my water.  You've done it for years now and I will say it right now online, I've had it.  I don't need that stuff happening.  Actually I'm joking with you.  I'm going to call you out right now.  Give me one name to win the Bassmaster Classic.

Glenn:  Iaconelli

Mark Zona:

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