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  1. Bite kinda subsided for me. Think spawn may be on. At least at blue marsh. Getting bites on buzzbaits and spinnerbaits in stained water. Thought the jig bite would still be on but not really
  2. Water temp was 58-60* at blue marsh. Caught about 7 decent bass. 2 over 3 lbs. One of the two could have been pushing 4lbs. Caught them on squarebill chatterbait and spinnerbait. Squarebill got most of the bites but the spinnerbait got the big one. Good day for only being out for 2 hrs.
  3. I think....it's topwater time. Buzzbait killed it today.
  4. Had a pretty good day at blue marsh. Caught a 10-15lb flathead on a dt 6. Also snagged a carp .Can't believe they didn't snap my 12 lb line. Continued with dt6 and caught 3 nice bass one was a smallie....... All in the 2-3 lb mark. They weren't really going after anything else. Thought the be all over the lipless but...nope!
  5. Hopefully be out in bluemarsh or nockamixon this weekend. We will see. Works been wearing me out.
  6. Premium or regal blade are better and budget friendly. They do rust though if let forgotten about on floor of boat
  7. ive caught carp on jigs chatterbaits frogs... that one was surprising and lipless just makes ya mad when ya think you hooked a record bass
  8. i keep my width at 40 ft. i wanna say also it depends how much sediment u havr in the water too
  9. if i catch a fish on a buzzbait.... that will be the rest if my day
  10. maybe sell somthing else... yard sale... i dont kno.
  11. i store my rods in the passenger seat too. and if someone has to sit there, then i open my rear slider window. slide the tips through there and prop the rods on my center console
  12. actully pondering the same thing for weeks now. what ive been settling on but havent done yet is a plastic cereal storage box with magnets or suction cups (have aluminum boat) glued to the back. i can line it with plastic bags. just trying to steal one from the cabinet without my wife knowing! LOL
  13. gatorade zero. or propel drink half before fishing then fill up the half with water..dont need to be cold. like my dad used to say when i was a kid when i would complain about warm drinks.... "hey at least its wet" half gallon of green tea is also a good one for me.
  14. this is the first big bass of the season. put up a good fight. i caught it on a homemade buzzbait. she grabbed it like a gentle dog taking a treat! came right to the boat. then i think she realized she was hooked. the acrobatic dislpay i thought i was gonna lose her. about 21" long. im guessing 5-6 lb. good for PA.
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