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Rod Selection: The Basics

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On 2/4/2014 at 11:37 AM, roadwarrior said:

For enthusiasts, technique specific gear is fun
to collect. However, three rigs cover all the

#1 6 1/2' or 7' MHF baitcaster for jigs, some
soft plastics and spinnerbaits

#2 6 1/2' or 7' MM baitcaster for treble hook

#3 7' MF spinning rod for lighter lures and a
variety of techniques


Thank you sir the tackle gods love ya and so do I??

On 2/16/2014 at 6:40 PM, FrogFreak said:

I hope my wife doesn't see this!

When I started out back in 2001 I may have read a similar post as this. I ended up with 4 casting 1 spinning. Haven’t been for bass since then until now. I’m half way there

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I hope this comment hasn't been made before.  The problem with your recommendation is that bass fishing isn't about basics for most of us, even beginners.  Beginners might wish that success could be reduced to basics, but they will waste a lot of time and money to find that perfect "basic" setup that makes the dream happen for them.  It doesn't work.  "Basic" bass fishing doesn't exist in the real world.

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On 2/10/2014 at 2:24 AM, CJV said:


I'm glad three setups work for you! I have a hard time making 6 setups work.

He didn't say 3 setups work for him....he has many, many more he utilizes.  He is simply saying you can 'make it happen' with the 3 he recommended.

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I spent years fishing with a "heavy" rod, a "medium" rod and an "ultralight" rod all filled with mono.  I never knew I needed various length and weight rods as well as different speed reels and braid, fluro, and mono lines until I started reading the internet :)   I'm kidding because I have zero doubt that specific setups are more effective in various situations, but I do try to keep it simple and not worry so much about the "best" setups.  I have to admit that this forum has cost me money already though!

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  • Super User

Since this thread started 2/4/2014 Kent’s 3 basics hasn’t change much, little longer today.

What has changed is technology offering lighter over all rod weight and wider range of actions and power combinations.

Price a decade later the entry level rods you actually get more for your buck today but higher end offerings are pricy!

Lots of good sales ongoing.

Merry Christmas,


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