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Do you have range and what do you do best?

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So, where have you fished and where do/did you fish best?


Chicagoland, Central/Southern IL, Southern Wisconsin, Door Co Wisconsin, and Northern Michigan.  I have done the best in Northern Michigan which I attribute to having the best fisheries and I'm simply better than I was in the past.  It's easier to look like a fishing rockstar when you're fishing fantastic fisheries the majority of which do not receive the same pressure that urban fisheries do.  

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10 hours ago, TnRiver46 said:

@Junk Fisherman yes sir. We got married at pt betsie light house just down the lake 


That's awesome!  My wife and kids went there (I was fishing that day) and they loved it.  We plan on getting a home in the Charlevoix/Petosky area in 5 years or so which is where I'll spend my April to November every year when I retire.  So much to explore in that area- fishing, hiking, biking, ect...  

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I do well from the bank of my local river. Other than that, I love clear water, the fish are just so predictable, especially in reed beds, I have that bite dialed in. Where I struggle are deep weed edges, or its too boring with so much water to cover for a limited payoff.


My local home lake is gross with lots of funky weeds and algae blooms at times, oh yeah and it is featureless. Unbelivably there are huge muskies in there, but the bass are difficult to find. Where you need to go in the summer you need to basically set the trolling motor to run just below the surface or it will bind up with weeds instantly. I catch more pike and musky than bass. I will unlock it someday, but it is a tough bass lake. I can hit docks, but they are pounded and in this area, I don't want to deal with the home owners so I generally stay away from them.

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