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Who or What is The Bait Monkey?

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The Bait Monkey is a dear old friend of mine, we go fishing at least thrice a summer.  Having dealt with him many a time, i have come to truely appreciate the wonders of his methods.  and, being from massachusetts, we even have to take into account the coriolis when casting a line.

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The other day my cousin and I were re-stocking our tackle boxs at wall mart, you know since fishing season is coming up, and we were sharing a basket(first bad move). so we decide it would be easier if we sat the basket in the middle of the isle(noone else was there) so we could both get to it easier(second bad move). Now, had I known about the bait monkey before then, I never would have done this, but we ended up sorting through it all when we got back home, and I swear the bait monkey grabed stuff off the shelves and threw it in our basket.

How to beat him is easy. Take a girl that doesn't fish shopping with you, she wont let you spend much time in the fishing isle, so you can only grab the esentials.

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If the bait monkey depended on me, he'd starve to death. I rarely buy new tackle. If I don't have it, I probably don't need it.

And it's not just because of my sponsors (although they certainly help). The fact is, reels can be rebuilt. Rods last a really long time. So does braided line.

I only use a few different lures, and 1 color is usually fine.

I truly believe that most anglers are brainwashed into believing they have to have a whole bunch of new lures, of all different colors, etc, etc.... but it's simply not true.

Chances are extremly good, that if the fish won't bite what I'm putting in front of them, its either because I'm presenting it wrong, or they simply are not going to bite anything, at that time and place. 40 years of experience has shown me that trying 20 different lures almost never makes a difference.

If a guy just likes to have lots of pretty new lures, in all different colors, because he enjoys collecting / playing with them, that's fine.... Just so he knows its not going to make much difference with how many, or how big of fish he catches.



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bait_Monkey wrote:

fish chris,

u a mean man

u an me not frends no mor...

i git u big swimbait and all u want catch is big basses...

i stay mad at u awhile

Now THAT'S HILARIOUS!! I burnt my lip with my coffee laughing so hard! Maybe I can SUE Mr. Monkey for some new lures??

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That's pretty funny right there.  

For me it's been more of a Bait Tick or possibly a Bait Leech.  He gets his hooks into and continues to feed off of me until I am sucked dry.  I am always willing to make a Wal-Mart run ;D

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Oh man.

Well, this isn't exactly what I thought my first post would be. I'm distraught after reading all this stuff. You see, up until I read this thread, I thought all of my buying decisions were sober, well informed, rational purchases based upon need-based analysis of my and my son's skill-levels and sophisticated strategy.


It's been the Bait Monkey all along.

Ironically, I think the Bait Monkey looks a lot like a 14 year old boy running around Bass Pro with armfulls of soft plastics, spastically chattering about how he saw VanDam using this, Elias using that, interspersing the terms 'huge swamp donkey' and 'man-bear-pig' in every other sentence. I am such a sucker.

Oh my lord. I just realized that a week ago, I paid $6.99 for a huge plastic worm. On the same shopping trip, I bought my second set of Banjo minnows...


What kills me though, is that same 14 year old kid/monkey transforms into Mike Iconelli every time he lands even a 1lb-er, and has kissed every fish, EVERY fish, he has ever caught. Like any monkey, very entertaining.

Ironically, the Bait Monkey is the reason I found this place. I was researching the **** thingamabob, googled it, found the EXTREMELY illuminating discussion on it, and put my Amex card back in my wallet. Apparently, others here know the Bait Monkey well.

Hello. My name is James, and I'm a baitaholic.

Even more ironically, my son caught a 2lb, 13oz spot on a wacky-rigged Roboworm that he FOUND ON THE BANK of Lake Castaic yesterday...


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Sucker has me thinking of a 50mg and a St Croix Legend to boot.

Must.......be.......strong........ :-/

Very nice!

I have my 51Mg on an Avid, but the Monkey is trying to get me to upgrade too!

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At it's best it's a symbiotic relationship, at it's worst... ! Just a warning from a concerned member. WELCOME to the forums!!!

                          As Ever,


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My cure for monkey:

1: After cashing your paycheck go directly to cabelos, BPS, Gander, Walmart, ect...

2. Ask for a forklift with a crate (they all have them don't let them kid you)

3. Go down each isle and throw one of everything in every color and size in the bin.

4. Take the bin to check out and stand in line for the hour or two it will take to ring everything in.

5. When they ask is this cash or credit (this is the most important step) reach into your paints pocket and tell the cahier you must have left your wallet at home.

They will throw you out for life and you will have to make all your own tackle or buy it on-line.  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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