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Ultimate Senko FAQ! <--- Look Here First!


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Got a question regarding the Yamamoto Senko? Anything and everything you want to know is all right here!



5 Ways To Rig A Senko


Plastic Cigars
Effective Soft Stick Baits
Keeping Senkos Simple
Fishing The Senko Worm
Weightless Worms

Forum Discussions
senko basics
Does the salt make a difference senkos (I would like to know if all salt impregnated worms sink like senkos )
Favorite Senko colors?
Favorite Gary Yamamoto Senko Color?
Poll: What is the best solid senko color excluding flakes?
Your best senko color and presentation
Senko color I am going to buy senkos but I don't know what colors to buy

Let's Talk Senkos Type Baits, Popular Colors???

SENKO CRAZE?!?!?!?!?!
The Senko has to be the most lethal lure ever
Senko: Is it Evil?
Senko Baits Just wondering what you all thought....
Senko worms
Sinko Worms

Advanced Senko Fishing
Anyone use the 2" Senko? For what??
7'' Senko How You Rigging Yours??
Weight of a Senko?
Swimming Senko
Swimming Senkos
How Do You Rig A Senko? (poll)

Senko 5" Rigging Preference?

Senko Techniques
senko presentation ???
Senko techniques
Top Water Senko
senko fishin what is the best way to fish a senko worm

Help Me Gain Confidence In The Senko

How Long Do You Let The Senko Sit On The Bottom?
Using rattles in Senko's? Senko Baits by lovecranking
Senkos weighted or weightless??
Senko and a bobber?
Senkos not working

Wacky Style
Wacky Rigged Senko Help
Wire Cable Ties for wacky Senko Style baits
Senko O-Rings
Wacky senko hook holding help
Wacky Rigging, My Way

Senko w/O-Ring vs Dinger vs Stik-O

What size hooks do you guys use for wacky rigging Senkos?

Best hooks for WR senkos?


Lines and hooks for Senkos
Senko Hooks - What Size Do You Use
senko hooks ???
Senko setup "senko" or knockoff setup
senko on 15lb mono

What is your choice of line for weightless Senkos?

Senko alternatives
Are there cheap senkos that dont fall apart? Cheap senkos?
The 6 pager, yamamoto vs knockoff screw Gary Y.
Yamamoto vs. Others YAMAMOTO VS OTHERS (soft plastic)
Gary Yammamoto Senko Replacement??
Senko vs. Fluke Senko or Fluke
Senko vs. Zero Has anyone tried the Zero by Strike king?

Strike King Zero
Kinami vs Yamamoto
Is the Kinami Flash just as good?
Good replacement for Gary Yamamoto senkos
Senko or Sinko
Yum Dinger vs. Senko
Yum Dinger vs. Yamamoto Senko
Do Tiki Sticks work as well as a Senko?
Gander Mountain *** vs. Gary Yamamoto
senko wannabes?

Senko comparibles??
Senko knockoffs on eBay? Senko rip offs on ebay
Berkelys version of senko?
Senko alternatives

Senko Reviews
SENKOS....not just for Bass anymore

Senko Equipment
Spinning or Baitcasting for Senko










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That’s an awful lot of reading right there.  ??

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2 minutes ago, TOXIC said:

That’s an awful lot of reading right there.  ??

I think @Glenn's putting all that up cause with the heat he's been getting, reading and watching vids is about all he can do....kind of like deep winter.

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