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Latest Tackle Purchase Thread (Bait Monkey Victim Support Group)

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6 hours ago, TnRiver46 said:

@T-Billy, you got grandkids??? Dang I thought you were a youngster as hard as you fish 

54 years young. 😉



@A-Jay The monkey must like you. He uses a different finger when he makes that face at me.

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@NorthernBasser 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I knew you’d see it! I give you a hard time because if I see your name on the user list, it’s usually in the tackle area or sale thread - but I am on here more than usual lately. Just something I noticed & got a chuckle out of.  Anyway, the damage was:


4 Picasso Bait Ball A-rigs

6 Picasso lures take on Snagless Sallys (3/8 & 1/2 & 3/4oz)

2 5 packs of Picasso Smartmouth Mustad 4/0 swimbait jig heads (for A-rigs)

2 packs ea Keitech Fat Swing Impact (Ayu 4.3 & 4.8)

2 Booyah Blade Spinnerbaits (single CO 1/2oz cart/white) - gifts for dad, he won’t ever buy what I use

1 Booyah Moontalker Spinnerbait (single CO 3/4oz) - gift for dad

2 Huk t-shirts

Not the best bargain as some of the stuff wasn’t on sale but needed for restock. Got dad’s military discount though. I have another honey hole shop I use for most orders - no sales tax with them but they don’t have the inventory count that other places do so I keep that one quiet.🤫 


music video wtf GIF by Internet Famous


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Want to see the pics of my 40-some new topwater baits and floating worms and stuff?


Yeah, me too if the post office ever gets it here. Don't use the USPS to ship anything to Richmond VA.



Am I allowed to recount my experience with the local Sorting and Distribution Center? 


On 11/26 I ordered an expensive mess of topwater baits, some for Christmas presents. They printed the mailing label the next day and it shipped. Being free shipping from the west coast, it came all the way across the country by truck. I have USPS tracking on it.


On Sunday morning 12/3 at 5:49 a.m. it scanned into the Richmond VA Sorting and Distribution Center (one of 20 in the country I'm told.) It took a week, that's about right.

Of course tracking was still saying the expected delivery was Saturday 12/2. Then for four or five days I got a tracking text at 6:45 p.m. or so that it was on the way to the 'final destination', aka the local post office. 


(The Distribution Center is on the east side the Richmond airport and our local post office is 7 miles away on the west side of the airport.) We're maybe 10 miles south of the airport.


On Thursday 12/7 I did an on line request to have the USPS look into it. Not a formal complaint, just the form on the request page to give them a chance. The nightly texts stopped.


Yesterday 12/10 just before 1 p.m. I got a text that it would/should be delivered today between 4 and 8 p.m.


We will see.


Did I mention that the Richmond Distribution Center has been front page news around here, everybody either has a complaint or has a neighbor with a complaint. (And why has our mail been delivered between 8 pm and 10 pm for weeks on end? Some areas haven't received any mail for 2 or 3 weeks fwiw.


The City's Commonwealth's Attorney had a town hall date and time scheduled with USPS for a week and the last day the USPS backed out. USPS finally met with various people including representatives of our two U.S. senators. The head guy said he'd have it fixed by Thursday, but didn't say which Thursday.

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The package came !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Our regular carrier drove down the driveway at 9:45 p.m. in her little Grumman LLV truck. I had the Christmas lights still on and three lights on the front of the garage.


They had originally loaded it for her to the roof with packages ON TOP OF THE TRAYS OF LETTERS. She said she couldn't see to drive for the first hour. :)

10 p.m. and she was just getting down to the letter trays. No wonder everybody in the area had empty mailboxes today. But she was cheerful as usual.


Maybe I'll get around to some lure pics later.  40 lures in a white ULINE bag - a Bubble Mailer #7.



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Ok, I got really confused for minute -- I thought I was on the Bass Resource site -- and suddenly it seemed I was on the Tackle Warehouse site..........yet in reality I was on the @NorthernBasser Tackle Monkey Junkie post ! 

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